Guiding You Through Life's Storms

Providing A Wide Range Of Elder Law Services

As we get older, we face new legal challenges involving our assets, personal safety and long-term care needs. We all deserve to age with dignity and feel safe and protected as we enjoy our golden years. You can rely on me to provide comprehensive elder law guidance and representation on various legal concerns.

At Marshall Law I assist clients from Orlando down to Tampa and up to Ocala with a variety of concerns older adults in Florida face. I believe everyone deserves compassionate and personalized legal representation. I always take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your goals before developing a tailored legal strategy to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Legal Representation For You And Your Loved Ones

Whether you need assistance planning for long-term care needs either now or in the future, or want to ensure you become eligible for Medicaid or VA benefits, I will be there for you.

I can help you with a variety of legal concerns, including:

  • Estate planning;
  • Asset protection;
  • Medicaid planning;
  • VA benefits planning; and
  • Long-term care planning.

I understand how overwhelming it is to ask for legal advice regarding a time when you may not be able to care for yourself. Rest assured, I always approach every client with the respect they deserve so together we can address your concerns and provide you with peace of mind.

Let’s Discuss Your Case

Navigating estate planning or public benefit programs such as Medicaid or VA benefits can be overwhelming and complex. You and your loved ones do not have to face it alone. Contact me today to schedule a free initial consultation by calling 352-619-0744 or completing my online contact form.